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In the world of printers, 123.hp.com/setup stands to be the perfect Printer. Also, these Printer guarantees their product for long-term use as well as ideal usage. But to run the printers on any device, drivers' installation is the must thing. Drivers are the software that is designed to modify the performance of any device. Similarly, it is with the hp printer drivers. The 123 Hp Setup printer drivers are the software that modifies your Print. Modification of the Print includes changes in size, Format, Layout, and a choice of colors. 123.hp.com/setup || Download & Install 123 HP Printer Software These modifications are necessary if you have to install the drivers of your Printer. 123.hp.com/setup Nowadays, due to the various options in the printers, wireless drivers have come into observation. These wireless drivers are installed in the devices such as windows, Mac as well as android. The android devices require wireless drivers as well as wireless connectivity compulsorily. So let's discuss both the wired as well as wireless HP printer setup connectivity. 123.Hp.com/setup Printer wired connectivity and driver's installation: Wired connectivity is established with the help of wire, i.e., USB wire. Now let's see these steps in detail; Hp Printer wired connection: Unbox your Hp printer. Then separate all the components of your 123 Hp setup printer. After that, connect your Printer to the power supply unit. Now connect one end of the USB cable to the Printer and another end to the USB port of your Pc. Then go to the control panel. In that, go to the device and preference options. Now click on the Printer's option. Here check whether your Printer is available in the list of the printers. It is the wired connection and confirmation of it. 123 Hp setup Printer wired drivers download and installation: To download the drivers open the web browser of your Pc. Type the link '123.hp.com/setup' in the search bar of the google browser. Click on the install button present in the white color button. Now the link will gather the information about your device. According to the report, the application or software will start downloading. Now open the software there itself using the browser. Allow access for the installer to begin its process. First, there will be the process of extraction. After that, there will be the loading of the software. Make sure that you are connected to the Printer using the wired connection. After identifying the Printer, the recommended software will be visible to you on the installer screen. Just select it and click on the continue button. Now agree to the software instruction by ticking on it. Click on the install button. Now there will be the installation of the software on your Pc. Hp Printer wireless connection and driver download on android device: For wireless connectivity; 123.hp.com/setup Wireless connection: Turn on your wifi router and 123.hp.com/setup Printer. Then press the wifi button on the Printer. Select the wireless connectivity. Then select your wifi network from the list of networks appearing. Enter the password using the printer keys. Then click on the connect option or press the Ok button. Your Printer will show a successful connection on its screen. You have successfully established the wireless connection on your Printer. 123.hp.com/setup Wireless drivers download and installation for your android device: First of all, connect to the wifi network on which your printer connection is established. Then go to the play store. After that, install the Hp printer setup driver application form here. Open the application and follow the instructions to complete the setup in the application. Now click on the add button and select the name of your printer model. Select any document and take out the printout of this document. Your wireless 123.hp.com/setup connection, as well as drivers, are installed successfully on a mobile phone.


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